Body Composition Analyzer

Unlike body weight, which only reports a number on the scale, your body composition takes into account where your weight comes from. Knowing what percentage is fat versus muscle tissue offers more insight into your health and how to improve it long-term.

The medical Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA) by seca is our newest fitness assessment at Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center. Administered by one of our certified fitness specialists, the test breaks down your weight into body compartments—namely Fat Mass and Fat-free Mass, Body Water and Skeletal Muscle Mass. These measurements are processed by six analytical modules and presented in easy-to-understand graphics.

After a body composition analysis and consultation, you’ll know how to personalize your fitness routine to lessen body fat, increase lean muscle tissue and boost your metabolism.

For more information and pricing, or to schedule a session, contact Bo Wright at (847) 535-7139 or

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